Taking your baby out for a stroll has never felt lighter. Aprica’s new Karoon Air makes use of the well-loved classic Karoon design and makes it even lighter to accommodate on-the-go parents. At only 3.9kgs, it is the lightest full canopy newborn stroller, you can tell that the design was made for convenience and comfort.

  • Soft and stable, its flat-bed design helps your baby breathe better and in a comfortable, natural position.
  • The seat can be adjusted to match your baby’s development. Can be adjusted to hold your child up to 36 months
  • Includes the head Mamolu pad, which stabilizes the head and prevents the neck from distorting. A waist and hip protection pad helps your child breathe with no restrictions, and helps with the proper growth of your child's spine and correct posture
  • The seat pad of the stroller is made out of Silky Air™, a material that keeps your baby cool and comfortable, no matter the weather
  • The Double Thermo Medical System improves ventilation within the stroller
  • Its Shaky Guard, 3D soft shock-absorbing wheels, and three-dimensional thigh belt absorbs any vibrations or pressure, to reduce any impact felt by your baby
  • The spacious seat space gives your baby more room to move and play!
  • Its canopy with UV protection blocks 98% of UV rays, keeping your baby from the heat of the sun, and keeps the cold air out, without making your baby uncomfortable
  • Open and fold using just one hand!
  • You can easily operate it with one hand, while carrying the baby with the other arm
  • Get your baby in and out of the stroller with easy button-type open handles
  • Quickly switch the handles in both directions, either your baby facing forward or facing you
  • Its machine washable seat pad makes cleaning the stroller a breeze
  • Stands alone for easy packing away and storage
Usage Period: newborn to 36 months (below 15kg)
Weight: 3.9kg
Seat height from floor: 52cm
Folding mechanism: one hand folding
Seat recline position: 121-157 degree
Basket storage capacity: 18.5 litre
W Thermo Medical System
3D air-permeable mesh seat cushion material
Full Canopy with UV protection
Multi-shockless mechanism
3D suspension on front wheels
Foam handle grip
2-step brake system