Taking into consideration the needs of on-the-go parents, Aprica has designed an accessory backpack that perfectly compliments the compact and foldable design of the Nano Smart. The Nano Smart Travel Bag can be folded into a regular bag for easy storage and handling whether you want to check it in or bring it along with you as carry on luggage.

  • You can carry your lightweight Nano Smart Stroller wherever you go thanks to the Nano Smart Backpack. Made with breathable polyester, the Nano Smart Backpack stays cool on your back even during extended periods of time.
  • Tough polyester material protects your scroller in check-in storage making sure it will not be scratched or dented by minor impact
  • Easily storable and foldable when not in use just like other Nano Smart products
  • Multiple compartments allows you to store many of your baby essentials on the bag