The Luxuna just got wider and longer. Things just got a lot more luxe! Compared to its predecessor, the Aprica Luxuna Comfort is wider and longer, making your child safer, more comfortable, and gives him or her a whole lot of room for them to grow.

  • The WM shape, 36.5 centimeter-wide seat (20% wider than other Aprica stroller models), aids in the proper growth of your child’s spine and correct posture, while allowing your baby to sit or lay in their most natural posture
  • With the seat being 70 centimeters long (20% longer than other Aprica stroller models), it will support your growing child, giving them enough leg room up to roughly 3 years of age
  • The seat pad of the stroller is BreathAir, a ventilated and elastic 3D air cushion material that helps regulate your baby's body temperature, preventing them from feeling hot and reducing vibrations
  • The Double Thermo Medical System improves ventilation within the stroller
  • Its multi-directional shock absorbing structure, 3D soft shock-absorbing wheels, and three-dimensional thigh belt absorbs any vibrations or pressure, to reduce any impact felt by your baby
  • Includes the head Mamolu pad, which stabilizes the head and prevents the neck from distorting
  • Its full canopy with UV protection keeps your baby from the heat of the sun or the cold air, without making your baby uncomfortable. It’s also water repellant!
  • Open and fold using just one hand!
  • You can easily operate it with one hand, while carrying the baby with the other arm
  • Get your baby in and out of the stroller with easy button-type armbar
  • Quickly switch the handles in both directions, either your baby facing forward or facing you
  • Foam handle makes pushing and gripping the handles easy on your hands
  • Stands alone for easy packing away and storage
Usage Period: newborn to 36 months (below 15kg)
Weight: 5.3kg
Seat height from floor: 54cm
Folding mechanism: one hand folding
Seat recline position: 134-165 degree
Basket storage capacity: 27.6 litre
Equipped with Carry Travel System (CTS)
W Thermo Medical System
Medical Growth Mamolu
Soft touch seat cushion, 1.8 times softer
Silky Air (skin-friendly & breathable) material
W Shade mesh canopy with UV protection
Full Canopy with UV protection, water proof
Multi-shockless mechanism
Auto 4-wheels free
3D suspension on front wheels
Foam handle grip
2-step brake system